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[AF-F] Alice Adventures 06 [D0CCD338]

Alice Adventures Show's done. AF-F is done. It's over. :(

[AF-F_Y-F] Sweet Valerian 26 [D2DD1033]

[Death-Squad] & [AF-F_Y-F] Sweet Valerian 1-26

Sweet Valerian 24 The end. With unkaraoked insert song along with torrent pack.

[AF-F&Y-F] Freedom 01-07

Freedom 06 Finally, freedom. FREEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMM!!
YEAH! >_>

[AF-F] Mushishi 24-26

Mushishi 24-26 Mushishi: Episode 24 - Don't play with fire, it might freeze you.
Mushishi: Episode 25 - So shocking your eyes will fall out.
Mushishi: Episode 26 - The beginning is the end.

[AF-F] Paradise Kiss 12 [FF4FF0AF]

Paradise Kiss 11 From the icy white frozen Texas, enjoy!

[AF-F&Y-F] Kemonozume 01-13 Xvid Complete
[AF-F&Y-F] Kemonozume 01-13 h264 Complete

Kemonozume 13 Wheeeee, batch godness.
Jump on these torrents if you have missed an episode or two.

[AF-F&Y-F] Kemonozume 13 [AB988F0F]

Kemonozume 13 We are like done.
We finish like in time.
We finish in HD :-X

[AF-F] Flame of Recca 42v2 [0D0B2862]

Flame of Recca 42 It's over! Over four years ago we started this series and now it's over!
Thanks to everyone who's worked on this series and to Flipdon for sticking with it to the very end.
We apologize that this series kinda ends bad seeing that the story goes on much further than this.
One error fixed...

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